Unoaked Chardonnay 2013

Tasting Notes

Harvesting at a low sugar ripeness, gives rise to an elegant well balanced unoaked Chardonnay  with fresh citrus fruit aromas, subtle notes of white blossom, melon and peaches, together with a fresh and vibrant palate. It has a beautiful lingering mouth feel, that makes it easy to drink on its own but one which is also an excellent accompaniment to a range of foods, from Sushi, to salads and even spicy soups.

Technical Analysis

Alcohol: 12.66%
Residual Sugar: 1.6 g/l
Total Acidity: 5.8 g/l
pH: 3.36

Harvested by hand on 20th February 2013
Total production: 6000 bottles (750ml)
Bottled: October 2013
Ageing potential: 3-5 years

Harvest Report

The Chardonnay vines are planted on the cooler, south facing slope, in the lowest lying area on the farm at 200 meters elevation. It experiences a mush higher water table than other parts of the vineyard and as a result there is rarely need to irrigate during the season. Seven Springs Vineyard use clone 76 for their Unoaked Chardonnay. This clone’s typical organoleptic characteristics include peach and citrus. The yield is also higher than the clones used for the oaked Chardonnay.

Picking of the grapes is generally done early in the morning to preserve the delicate aromas of the fruit and to benefit from cooler temperatures which slows down any deterioration that could happen before it reaches the winery. At Seven Springs, we hand pick early with great care, to ensure only the very best fruit goes into the production of our wine as we believe only good wine can be made from good fruit.
We ferment the wine in stainless steel tanks, with specially selected yeasts to enhance and express the natural characteristics of the Chardonnay fruit . After about 2 weeks the alcoholic fermentation was completed and the wine was left on the lees (dead yeast cells) for approximately 5 months. During this time the lees was agitated regularly to add character, mouth feel and tertiary flavours to the wine. Chardonnay is typically aged in oak barrels, but with the Unoaked Chardonnay, the name says it all.
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Unoaked Chardonnay 2013
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