7Springs_PinotNoir 2013

Tasting Notes

Pungent and flavourful, you can taste and smell the change in maturity in the vineyards translated to the fruit. The season was well balanced and you can see it in the wine. Aromas of strawberry and liquorice, hints of cranberry, currents and forest floor. Your palate is treated to an array of flavours like salty liquorice, dried fruit and juicy mulberries. The wine is round and soft yet well-structured and full flavoured, with subtle yet firm tannins. To enjoy it fully we suggest you decant the wine at least an hour before drinking and serve at 16-18˚C or as a light red for summer you can serve it at 10-12°C. It is a versatile wine and can be enjoyed with a variety of foods such as, mushroom risotto, duck and game dishes, lamb or steak or simply on its own.

Technical Analysis 

Alcohol: 13.5%    Residual Sugar: 2.0 g/l    Total Acidity: 4.9 g/l    pH: 3.5         Ageing potential: 8-10 years               Harvested: By hand 30th Jan – 3rd Feb 2015       Bottled: 11th Jan 2016        Production: 12.600 bottles (750ml)

Harvest Report

The 2015 Pinot Noir was a ‘wow what a vintage’ as every year throws us new curveballs as weather patterns change and are out of our control. 2015 was our 6 th year of production and it was also the year all climatic conditions aligned perfectly to create a vintage to get excited about, with ample spring rains followed by a cool but dry summer.

The worlds best Pinot Noir is reputed to result from the selection of clones; a common practice in Burgundy. Clones 777 and 828 are currently favoured in addition to the reliable 114, 115 and 667. These clones are known for their strong colour, elegant rich aroma with hints of small fruits. They give the wine structure and potential for ageing. Seven Springs selected four clones: 777, 667, 115 and 459, planted in 2008, on the warmer north facing slope at 240 meters elevation on Bokkeveld Shale with decomposed granite and deep, rich yellow and red clay subsoil.