Over The Mountain Unoaked Chardonnay 2014


Tasting Notes

This wine shows aromas of white blossoms, melon and peaches together with a fresh and vibrant palate. It has a beautiful lingering mouth-feel and slight texture that makes this wine a standalone, but also an excellent accompaniment to various dishes; from Sushi, to salads and even spicy soups.
Harvested at low sugar, it has an ideal ripeness for the style of the Unoaked Chardonnay we aim to produce. At this lower sugar level the grapes have fresh or green citrus fruit aromas, subtle notes of blossoms and even a hint of greenery. Also at this low sugar the acidity of the grape is still fresh and this in turn leads to a fresh and crisp palate and a lower alcohol too.

Technical Analysis

Alcohol: 12.51%     Residual Sugar: 1.7 g/l     Total Acidity: 6.5 g/l     pH: 3.29
Harvested 19th February 2013    Bottled: October 2014  Ageing potential: 3-4 years
Production: 12,546 bottles (750ml)

Harvest Report

This was the wettest and toughest vintage Seven Springs’ has endured and it was one on the wettest around the world. Floods and heavy rains throughout the winter, leading to lots of reservoir water for the vines. Summer canopies were lush and beautiful because of all the excess water, but overall the Summer was hot and humid and we did not experience the customary wind conditions. This lead to very high disease pressures in the vineyards and action had to be taken. It was a year of high yields and not the best of quality. This was the vintage where the viticulturists had to show their skill. The quality of wine was determined by the health of your vines. Thank goodness we had Peter. The cooler regions and white wines were the least affected by the bad weather.

 Watch our video, listen to what our Winemaker  has to say about Seven Springs Unoaked Chardonnay 2014


Over The Mountain Chardonnay 2012

Tasting Notes

This delicate, barrel-fermented Chardonnay has a bright, golden colour in the glass. On the ‘nose’ your senses will be filled with subtle aromas of citrus, honeysuckle and jasmine combined with a pleasant nuttiness and buttered brioche. It is elegant and smooth on the palate showing great integration of the oak and fruit on the palate. Having  spent 11 months in second and third fill oak barrels, the wine has a lovely honeyed character with a well-rounded, but textured finish. Pairs well with chicken, fish or pork dishes and drinks best at 14-15 ̊C.

IWC 2015 – Silver   Platter-4-star   Platter Wine Award: 4 Star 2015IWCv.5

Technical Analysis

Alcohol: 13.86%   Residual Sugar: 2.8 g/l     Total Acidity: 6.2 g/l   pH: 3.36
Harvested 24th February 2012    Bottled: January 2013    Ageing potential: 5-7 years
Total production: 4,962 bottles (750ml)
Harvest Report

The 2012 harvest season was characterised by healthy, ideal growing conditions and a cool, though lengthened, harvesting period without rain or prolonged heat. As August was warmer than usual, bud burst was a week early in some blocks. Abnormally cold and rainy conditions during the second part of flowering resulted in uneven flowering and berry set, with high disease pressure, which Peter, our viticulturist, managed to control very well.
Weather conditions were back to normal in December, and less wind than usual resulted in little damage to vines than previously in previos years. January was exceptionally hot, but through scheduled irrigation the harsh effects were significantly reduced. The ripening period in February and March was further characterised by ideal weather conditions; cool and dry for slow ripening, resulting in good colour and flavour in all blocks. The dry weather also contributed to healthy grapes with minimal disease and rot. The crop quality and size was very good and for some producers one of the best years.
The Seven Springs Chardonnay 2012 was fermented and aged in second and third fill French oak and forth fill American oak, 300L barrels. Wild/natural fermentation started in stainless steel tank and two days later the fermenting juice was transferred to barrel to complete fermentation. There was no malolactic fermentation on this wine. The wine was left to mature on the lees for 11 months to aid in the development of the creamy palate.
 Watch our video, listen to what our Winemaker  has to say about Seven Springs Chardonnay 2012

Seven Springs Chardonnay 2012

Over the Mountain Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Tasting Notes

2013 marks our fourth vintage and as the vines mature so does the character and quality of the fruit produced by these vineyards. It’s familiar profile of pineapple, elder flower and green apple are evident in the aroma of the wine. On the palate, as with previous vintages is shows a balanced fruit acidity, fresh coastal characteristics and that ever familiar lingering minerality. This year also that typical South African Sauvignon blanc characters of freshly cut grass and fynbos are there at every welcome sip. Serve chilled at 10-12 ̊C. It will open up well in the glass and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or matched with seafood, chicken, lightly spiced or fragrant dishes.

Technical Analysis

Alcohol: 13.14%     Residual Sugar: 1.6 g/l     Total Acidity: 6.6 g/l     pH: 3.36
Harvested 25th February and 8/9 March 2013    Bottled:  9th October 2013  Ageing potential: 3-4 years
Production: 11,070 bottles (750ml)

Harvest Report

The Seven Springs harvest season had never started so late, for producers across the Western Cape it was not only late but also around two weeks shorter than usual. The prolonged winter conditions had continued well into September in some areas and was  followed by a cool spring, with the occasional rains and even floods on some farms. These cold, wet weather conditions ensured even bud burst across the vineyard, and the accumulation of water allowed the vines to cope with the warmer conditions later in the season.

The vineyards had good growth in ideal dry weather conditions during flowering and whilst the fruit set, which happens around late October early November. We experienced none of the customary gale force winds which often prevail early in the season and the grapevines were able to flourish, but the southeaster was out in force throughout December.
From mid January until April the conditions were hot and dry, making it a challenging year with respect to irrigation management. The ripening period was dry and warm, keeping our harvest season quite short.
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Over the Mountain Pinot Noir 2013


International Wine & Spirits Competition 2016 – SILVER

Tasting Notes

As the vineyards show more maturity so does the wine. Garnet in colour, the wine offers opulent aromas of raspberries and sour cherries. The oak, as always, is subtle and understated, supporting the fruit driven profile of this wine. The 2013 has a leaner mouth feel than previous vintages, but the palate is still smooth and medium bodied, with refined and pure fruit characters. To enjoy it fully we suggest you decant the wine at least an hour before drinking and serve at 16-18 ̊C or as a light red for summer you can serve it at 10-12°C. It can be enjoyed with a variety of foods; such as a mushroom risotto, duck and game dishes or simply on its own.

Technical Analysis

Alcohol: 13.67%    Residual Sugar: 1.7 g/l     Total Acidity: 5.9 g/l     pH: 3.39
Harvested 12th & 13th February 2013    Bottled: January 2014  Ageing potential: 5-7 years
Production: 12,600 bottles (750ml)

Harvest Report

The start of the growing season was cool, with a quite a few overcast days and regular showers. None of the customary gale force winds prevailed early in the season and the grapevines were able to flourish, but the south

Easter was out in force throughout December.
Hardly any rain was recorded from mid-November, and with unrelenting heat from January onwards, producers were challenged by particularly tricky irrigation management. The ripening period was dry and warm making it a bit more condensed for us
 Watch our video, listen to what our Winemaker  has to say about Seven Springs Pinot Noir 2013

PN 2013 Video




Over the Mountain Syrah 2012

Tasting Notes

Deep rich red / purple in the glass, this wine reflects the bright fruit flavours of mulberry and blueberry. Its perfume of smoky spices, pepper and woodland undertones, gives way to a well-structured palate, sumptuous, full of flavour with a smooth decadent, lingering dark chocolate finish. A great match with and beef, venison and spiced lamb dishes, blue cheese and even dark chocolate pots.

Gold Sticker

Decanter World Wines Award: Gold 2014



Technical Analysis 

Alcohol: 14.66%
Residual Sugar: 2.7 g/l
Total Acidity: 6.3 g/l
pH: 3.46

Harvested by hand on 5th, 7th and 9th March 2012
Total production: 10,740 bottles (750ml)
Bottled: September 2013
Ageing potential: 10-12 years

Harvest Report

Harvested on 3 different days, picking at optimum ripeness, the fruit was transported to the winery, processed and transferred to stainless steel tanks. Dry ice was added to the fruit processed on 5th and 7th to slow down oxidation and help keep the fruit cool. It was then left to ‘cold soak’ for two days by which time the juice had taken on an intense purple colour and aromas of blackcurrent and mint. The wine was fermented in the tanks, with twice daily pump-overs to aerate the wine and supply oxygen to the yeast. The wine was then moved to 2nd and 3rd fill French oak barrels and left to mature for 15 months.

The fruit processed on the 9th was put in a separate tank as whole bunches. It did not undergo ‘cold-soak’. The must was inoculated and left to ferment dry, after which the wine was left on the skins for a few days, giving extended skin contact. It was pressed and put into barrel to age, with blending in early 2013.

The Syrah vines were planted in 2007 on the north facing slope at 240 meters elevation. Syrah is known for its spicy and smoky flavours coming from the oak barrels and the clones selected. Clones SH1C and SH21K give the resulting wine a berry profile with spicy undertones. Clone SH9C also gives a smoky and spicy profile but given that it is used in only a small part of the Syrah vineyard, (with only 1.3 tons of the total 15 tons -10%) it has a big impact on the whole production.  This clone is also part of the selection for the magnums to be released in late 2015.


Tom Cannavan July 2014

Seven Springs Syrah was excellent in the previous 2010 vintage, but I confess that this Gold Medal winner is even better and is a hugely promising portent as the vines age. Deep and vibrant in colour, the nose is just gorgeous, the wisp of cracked stone, the slick of black fruit and the background of flowers – violet creams even – white pepper and gentle earthiness. The palate is flooded with ripe, silky black fruit, but not at all jammy or overblown. Despite 14.5% alcohol, this has genuine freshness with a crispness to the tannin and acid framework, and the pin-point precision of the black fruit pushing through in a finely-tuned finish.