Status report on our wines 11/03/2010

Our Sauvignon Blanc is still in the fermentation stage and the aroma’s will change, but initially we are getting beautiful fruit flavours with lime and fig on the nose and palate. The wine has a lovely full palate and the acid is keeping it crisp.

The Chardonnay in oak barrels has finished fermenting. Once fermentation is complete the flavours dissapear, but give it some time and they return. The acid is good and giving the juice a fresh palate. We will now keep stirring the lees, called batonnage in France,  filling out the palate and also imparting more flavour. In time the fruity flavours will return. The batonnage is going to make the wine more complex with the lees and the wood integrating with the wine’s profile.

Our unoaked Chardonnay is almost done with it’s tank fermentation. Good alcohol with flavours of grapefruit. We are leaving this wine on it’s lees and stirring it as well. Throughout the process we shall taste the wine until we are satisfied with the flavour and palate profiles.

Syrah just came in on Monday the 8th of March and the colour from the beginning was immense. The skins are very brittle, so we are handling the grapes very carefully. The berries have been cold soaking for 2 days and we will look to press them tomorrow, the 11th of March. Prior to fermentation the colour is excellent and this should result in a very fruity wine with mulberry and rasperry jam flavours from superb ripe fruit.

Riana van der Merwe, Winemaker

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